Proceeds from the 2019 Triangle Golf Challenge will support two charities:  the Triangle Aphasia Project and The Banks Foundation.   Donate

The Banks Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, was formed in November 2000 for the purpose of assisting families who are moving from public housing to private home ownership. For the past ten years, the Foundation has provided down payment assistance to families who have qualified to purchase their first homes. The recipients of the Foundation’s generosity are persons who have received public housing or Section 8 assistance, who have entered into a Family Self Sufficiency contract or other similar agreement for the purpose of becoming a homeowner, and who have completed the requirements for doing so. The Foundation will not assist persons whose income is greater than 80% of the area median income.

With your help, we can continue to assist families who have demonstrated their desire and ability to become homeowners. Please join us, rain or shine, for this uplifting event!

Triangle Aphasia Project (TAP) is literally a dream come true. A dream can be grandiose, colorful, and complete. The work needed to bring that dream to fruition is anything but,…and it takes more than one dreamer! TAP Unlimited’s story is not a tale of a person, but about how a group of individuals saw a need, shared a passion, and committed to the work.

It all started in 2003. Maura Silverman, a speech/language pathologist whose career spanned the full continuum of care for individuals with neurological communication impairments, sought to begin an aphasia-specific program based on a Life Participation Model (LPAA, ASHA 2001). The program would not be center based, rather would reach individuals and their families in their own communities. The program would serve individuals with aphasia, but also answer the needs of the family, friends, and the community. Individuals with aphasia, family members, and several healthcare providers got together and launched communication groups across the Triangle area of NC. Interest in this small 501 (c) 3 organization was incredible and support was expressed generously by donors, rehabilitation programs, and universities in the area. Beginning our service with less than a dozen clients was considered a modest undertaking, but our goals were, as in the dream, grandiose!

TAP continued to grow, as did our vision and goals. Our passion drove the engine and the aphasia community embraced the programs. TAP Unlimited is proud to have established a reputation of collaborative programming, compassionate care, and thorough educational objectives. We have learned many lessons and experienced our share of growing pains, …but we all now truly believe…that dreams do come true.