Venue: UNC Finley Golf Course

UNC Finley plays host to a variety of special events throughout the year. Most of these are a “shot gun” start, with the course closed to the general public for the entire day. The original golf course, designed by George Cobb and funded by Raleigh businessman A.E. Finley, was located just to the southeast of campus and opened its doors in 1949. As one of the largest equipment dealers in the United States, A.E Finley served the University and town of Chapel Hill well for nearly half a century but felt the course was in need for an extensive overhaul.

Since the revamp of the golf course in 1999, UNC Finley has been able to host numerous collegiate tournaments including the annual Men’s and Women’s Tar Heel Invitational, as well as the NCAA Men’s Regional Championships in 2015.

UNC Finley Golf Course